Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What to post this week???

Sometimes, I don't know what to say. I know that is a shock to many of you!!! But when under stress, sometimes you just can't think. So I will post random joys and concerns for the week...

  • Sarah celebrated her 4th birthday on Friday. Actually, she thinks her birthday was Wednesday because that was the day of her party. We had several children, several parents, and several college kids come to the fiesta. I really think the college kids had the most fun! PS - pinatas are deadly!!! Whoever decided to blindfold uncoordinated children and hand them a giant stick and give them several chances to smash something???

  • When you are fully engrossed in another culture and language, you suddenly find that you can no longer think or write or speak in your native tongue, nor have you mastered the new language... therefore, you are a complete idiot in two languages and cultures now. Well, yippie for that! We frequently find ourselves struggling to think of a word IN ENGLISH now, or not being able to spell anymore because we are spelling using spanish phonetics, etc.

  • We have found that people who have only known us for two months will come through with flying colors when you are in need! Just when we thought that our support network of friends was no longer available to us and we were all alone, in swooped the troops and our new classmates came charging in! God is AWESOME to put us in a situation with such great people to learn with.

  • You cannot imagine how frustrating and violating it can feel to have your umbrellas stolen! We left our umbrellas on our front porch to dry - mind you, our front porch is surrounded by bars... a mini prison of sorts. Upon waking up the next day, our umbrellas had been stolen! We were told that this happens often... theives use a long, stiff wire to weave through the bars and grab whatever they want, then pull it to the bars and use their hands to get it out... shoes, water hoses, umbrellas, whatever! So, here we are in the rainy season in a rainforest country with no umbrellas - go figure!

  • "Woo Hoo!" for friends back home who remember that we exist!!! We received a giant box yesterday full of magazines IN ENGLISH, bubble gum, chocolate mints, birthday gifts for Sarah, books, you name it! It was like early Christmas!

  • By the way, Santa speaks Spanish!!! In Costa Rica, the Christmas season is in full swing (I kid you not!) and Santa was walking around the store on Sunday. He stopped to speak to Sarah, and much to her surprise, he speaks Spanish!!! Who would have thunk it? :)

  • We are very excited to find out that some missionary friends that we spent many weeks of training with are coming to language school in late December - Hallelujah!!! We are so excited! Jim and Ginnie Street will be here to learn Spanish and prepare for service in (get this) PERU!!! Their sending organization has just told them that they will most likely be serving in Peru!

  • It is FANTASTIC to hear Beth Moore speak, watch her, and study with her each day as I do my online bible study! Finally, a Texas woman with a Texas accent! Feels like going to bible study back home. You will never understand how much it means to hear someone say "y'all"!

  • Never underestimate the beauty of being able to speak to your doctor in the same language... there are some things that just don't translate well, nor do you have words for them, nor are you sure whether or not it is appropriate to say them! And as much as you are struggling to understand them, they are struggling to understand you... it used to all be so easy.


Candace said...

wow... I can't believe your paths are crossing with Jim and Ginnie! How cool. God is a good author. I love your blog, and I love you guys!! You're in my prayers.

The McClain's said...

Hello! Thought I'd say HI! And let you know you are not alone- I find myself struggling- really struggling sometimes to come with a random word in English- sometimes it comes DAYS later! It is the wierdest thing. Last night I dreamed about objeto directo and indirectos! THAT is WIERD!!!!!

Anyway, I am glad has allowed our paths to cross in this season of our lives!

Brooke :)

CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

What a wonderful compilation of "thought", many of which I genuinely share...love ya - Erin

Amy Bradfield said...

Hi Laurie and Billy,

Paul and I have sent several emails to billy@drumsforchrist.org and haven't received any responses. What is the best way to reach you. We would like to send care packages but would like to know what you need/want; food/drinks, personal items, entertainment things; etc.
Please let us know. I am dying to spend money.
We were in College Station on friday night for Navy/Marine Corps Birthday Ball and drove to CUMC to see progress on new sanctuary. It looks great.
Amy and Paul