Monday, October 8, 2007

Really Important Phrases to know...

I'm so excited to share with you some of the very important phrases that we have learned to say in the last 6 weeks. By the way, this blog site does not allow for me to put in Spanish accents, tildes, etc., so if you speak spanish and notice that I'm missing these vital punctuation marks, sorry.

Really Important Phrases that Everyone Should Know:

  • Habia un choque en el bosque. (There was a collision in the forest.)

  • Averigue si la ciguena tiene verguenza. (Find out if the stork is bashful.)

  • El austero bautista bautiza al gaucho. (The austere Baptist baptizes the Argentine horseman.)

  • Los cautivos en las jaulas aplauden. (The captives in the cages applaud.)

  • Hay cuarenta guantes iguales del Ecuador. (There are forty identical gloves from Ecuador.)

  • Hay fuego en la escuela. (There is a fire in the school. This one might actually be useful...)

  • Luis se cuida de los buitres. (Louis is careful of the buzzards.)

  • Ponen clorox en la cloaca. (They put clorox in the sewer.)

  • Los acrobatas comen croquetas. (The acrobats eat croquettes.)

  • Yo cumplo anos el mismo dia que mi plomero. (My birthday is the same day as my plumber's. This is my personal favorite! I'm sure that I could not have survived another day without knowing how to say this phrase!)

In all fairness, I have to explain that we learned these phrases in our phonetics class... they are designed to have as many similar phonetic principals in one sentence as possible. Kind of like English tongue-twisters, sort of. We are suppossed to practice saying these phrases out loud in class so our teacher can check our pronunciation of key sounds. I have to laugh when I read them, though and realize what I'm saying!

Have fun with these... learn one really well and impress your friends and neighbors with your amazing Spanish!!! Who knows - maybe your birthday really is on the same day as your plumber's!


Rhonda said...

Hahahahahaha! This is great! I can honestly say I don't know that I will ever forget that the austere baptist baptizes the Argentine horseman. I find myself saying that one waiting for the bus, walking through the grocery store, and even in the shower, and you got to know I bob my head the entire time I'm saying it. :)

randi said...

Kat Stock has a great one.. not so much a tounge twister, and.. actually could be useful, but funny all the same:

Voy a dar te una sumba canuta!


roughly translated..
I am going to give you a spanking!!