Monday, October 1, 2007

La Carpio Video

Just finished! We put together some video footage and still photos of the ministry in La Carpio... just an introduction to what we are doing in the field right now. Enjoy!


randi said...

Awesome!! :o) I wasn't expecting that rock music! Ha! :)
I miss you guys so much. Telle everyone hello for me :)
Love, Randi

Oh, and someone give Laurie a really big hug that lasts 10 seconds long. From me!!!

Kelli said...

What beautiful scenery!
What wonderful children!
What a scarrrrrrry bridge.
I think I'd rather swim across.

Give each other hugs from us. Know you're in our prayers.

Kelli Levey

allyson said...

Hey y'all!
What a great video! I can't wait for the next one.
The children are beautiful.
The Sweeneys are praying for y'all.
Lots of love,

Rhonda said...

I love the video, you guys are amazing!!! I'll see you tomorrow.
~Rhonda :)

Milissa Walla said...

Just figured out how to get to the blog..walla's always behind in technology. Great video, but I already know what Lee would be can I swing from that bridge....what exactly is down that hole and how can I get there ...eeeuuuuwwww

We miss you Keep up the good work