Monday, February 8, 2010

Too much on my mind...

I keep thinking that I need to blog, but then I get distracted because there is just too much on my mind! There's probably a reason that my devotional readings every day for the past week or so have been about patience, don't worry, focus on Jesus, etc...

What's on my mind?
  • Trying to entertain Billy's mom. She has been here for three weeks. One more week and then she will return to the USA. I know she doesn't have to be entertained, but you feel obligated to show people a good time and teach them all about Peru when they fly all this way to see it! So when we are entertaining her, I feel guilty because I'm not working. And when I'm working, I feel guilty because I'm not spending time with her. It's a catch 22.
  • The first short term team of 2010 comes in Friday, so we are trying to wrap up all the loose ends and get everything done before their arrival.
  • When you have people, you have conflicts. Inner strife and struggles among people who need to work as a team, etc...
  • My good friend back home just lost her son in an accident this weekend... feeling so far away and really wanting to be there with my friends right now as they all come together to comfort Terri.
  • Sarah is sick - not fun for anyone, especially Sarah.
  • The mayor of Iscos is still working to make us move (Kuyay Talpuy school). Not that we really care what he does, but it is a constant daily stress that he is causing. Trying to be Christian and maintain my good values and nice-ness is really starting to wear me down!
  • Intently following my friend, Erin, as she serves as a disaster nurse in Haiti right now. She has been working long hours with little equipment or support. She has been stuck twice in one week with dirty needles. She needs a lot of prayers.
Okay - so I'm not whining, just saying that THERE IS A LOT ON MY MIND! Lot's of good things are happening, too, thank goodness!
  • Got to Skype with Navasota High School today and see lots of my old students (now freshmen and sophmores) and teach lessons on Peruvian culture and geography, etc. That was cool!
  • We have a great doctor and clinic around the corner... we took Sarah in on an emergency visit with severe stomach cramps, chills, and a high fever. We saw the doctor, received our meds, and were back home within 30 minutes! And it only cost us $20 total. That ROCKS!!!
  • Finally finalized the team of translators, cooks, workers, etc for the upcoming team.
  • Talked to my best friend in the States today on the phone.
It's all gonna work out in the end. As Billy says, "It's all good."


Pam said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers. thanking our father for all you are doing, for the gift of your lives...what a blessing. thank you for taking me along to Peru through your blog and newsletter.

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