Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Marketing is NOT cross-cultural!

We laugh A LOT about the names of things / products here, because they FOR SURE wouldn´t go over in the USA.  
  • chocolate candy named "Crack"... do you think we will get stopped in customs if we bring home a suitcase full of "Crack" in May?
  • Bimbos... not only the name of bread, but also a hamburger joint.  I´m thinking that they might be a great sponsor for a drill team or a halftime show.  Can´t you imagine the shirts with the sponsor´s name plastered across the chest?
  • And don´t forget the Bimbo snack product "Kranky" yogurt bites.  I always think of yogurt as a peaceful product, not a cranky fit-throwing snack.
  • Apocalypse...  a bus company.  Not sure that I want to ride the mountain passes and pray that I survive the narrow roads, landslides, and giant falling boulders while riding in a bus called The Apocalypse!
  • Lay´s potato chips... when pronounced in Spanish, it is "lice".  Anyone for a big bag of lice for a snack?
  • Horniman tea...  enough said.  It is the leading brand of tea bags here.
I´ll keep you posted on other brands as I find them  :)


JAM said...

Oh my! I needed a good laugh today!!
I love reading your blog!

randi said...

Laurie - The Bimbo brand IS the sponsor of a soccer team in Mexico !!!!

g the therapist said...

Love it Love it - oh, the joys of cross cultural living!