Friday, June 27, 2008

We're Finally Here!

Sorry for the GIANT lapse in posts.  The past few weeks have been pretty full and blogging was way down on the bottom of the list.  However, we now have something of value to blog, so here goes:

We left Texas on Monday, June 23 with 12 bags and boxes (to the tune of $1000+ in baggage fees).  I think the American Airlines lady was actually smirking as she told us our total cost for luggage!  The security people were very nice and came out to tell us that they would have to open all of our bags (which were zip-tied), but that they would be happy to re-seal them for us if we had extra ties, which we did.  Then they came back out to let us know that all of our bags were inspected and all was well and re-sealed.  We thought that was above and beyond for what they have to do in their job.  After a two hour delay in Houston, we flew to Miami.  We then had a two+ hour delay in Miami.  We finally left US airspace at about 1:20 a.m. and arrived in Lima at 5:30ish Peru time.  After two more hours of waiting on bags and going through customs, we met Arthur and Genaro and headed for the hotel for some real rest (as opposed to airplane sleep).

We drove to Huancayo on Wednesday and spent most of the trip sleeping and trying to breathe this thing they call “air” here in the Andes!  We are felt LOADS better Thursday after sleep, aspirin, and food.  The stress headache and back pain miraculously disappeared when we arrived :)   

We walked by our new house Thursday morning just to see the outside and write down our address and we happened to arrive when the old tenants were there getting a couple of things they had left (namely, their toilet seat) and the caretaker was there getting house ready for us… so we were able to go in and actually see our new home.  It is GREAT!!!  We are very happy with it.  There is lots of space and lots of sunlight.  We cannot move in until Saturday night, so we are spending the next days getting our “stuff” in order – we spent all day today trying to find two mattresses, a stove, a fridge, and a washer and dryer.  This is not an easy feat when you are not familiar with the brands AT ALL, are trying to get accustomed to working with a different monetary system, and just trying to find the actual stores in which to shop!  Thank goodness we had Genaro with us (a twenty-something Peruvian who works with the Iveys)!  He didn’t do so much translating as he did just trying to keep us straight with monetary issues and making deals.  No telling what kind of trouble you can get yourself into when you are oxygen deprived!  When it was all said and done, we had bought all of the above mentioned things, arranged to have them delivered and installed on Saturday night, received discounts and bonuses, and still made it home for dinner!  And somehow we managed to come out of it with a vacuum cleaner, a toaster, a set of knives, and a skillet “for free” – HA!  We’re exhausted!!!

Today (Friday), we are off to find kitchen items - dishes, pots/pans, etc. - and of course, a toilet seat.  We need to pick up some blankets and some cleaning supplies, too.  Tonight, we will attend the worship service that the ministry here started awhile back... we attended it when we visited here in Dec. 2006 and it is still going strong.  The praise band practiced in the Ivey's living room last night (every Thursday night).  

Sarah has made many friends in every store and has decided that she is in the market for a puppy, a kitten, a guinea pig, a fish, and birds for her new house.  The house had an old bird cage hanging on the back porch and she took it as a “sign” that she really should have some.  She even has the man who runs our hostel talked into taking her to the market on Sunday to buy a puppy!  Is there such a thing as a zoo ministry???  I hope not!  

So, that’s how our last few days have gone.  We will let you know when we get internet service… we are “borrowing” service from the Iveys right now.  

Our new mailing address is:

Billy and Laurie Drum

Jr. San Jose 230

Urb. San Carlos

Huancayo, Peru

Thanks for following us and praying for safe travels and easy transitions.   Things are going well, we have met some great people, we are all healthy and happy, and it seems that we will quickly be involved in some ministry aspects.  Can't ask for better than that!  We will put some photos up on the blog as soon as we can... we need to find the camera in all of this luggage first!


CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Hey Drums! We feel your "pain" going through the moving to a new country and trying to figure everything out thing! The only difference between our two adventures is we have been scrambling to find a house to live in. Can't wait to see some pictures! Love you guys!

mikepettengill said...

yeah...welcome home

Rhonda said...

Hey Guys!! Miss you so much around these parts, but things are going good. It's so nice to hear you're in Peru and doing well. I will be in your shoes in just a few short months. Honduras was amazing, I'm sure that's where I'll land. I'm praying for you guys and missing you tons.

Rhonda said...
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