Thursday, April 3, 2008

Girl Scout cookies, Cream of Wheat, and NO MORE VELVEETA

It was a sad day when we finished the very last of cheese from the block of Velveeta that was sent to us in the mail. You can only imagine how happy missionaries can get when they open a package from the USA and it contains a block of Velveeta... "Hallelujah! Praise God! Someone sent us heaven in the form of cheese!" For missionaries from Texas, a block of Velveeta means only one thing... chips and queso for dinner!!! Sadly, we cannot buy a can of Rotel here, so we improvise and add the Costa Rican sad excuse for salsa and just pretend that it tastes remotely like a big bowl of queso from La Casita Restaurant back home. Anyway, the Velveeta is gone - boo hoo :(

On a happy note, our friends Heath and Erin were able to go back to the states over Easter and they surprised us by bringing us 2 boxes of Cream of Wheat!!! Another "Hip Hip Hooray" is in order!!! For anyone who knows our 4 year old, Sarah, you know that the child could literally live on Cream of Wheat - and she practically has for the past several days. She wakes up and asks for a bowl for breakfast, she wants more at about 3 p.m. for "snack", and she begs for it for dinner. If it weren't for the "real food" that she eats at lunch, I would be concerned. Seriously, folks, we have sent requests home several times this year for Cream of Wheat. We received some for Christmas, again when Miles came for Spring Break, and now these 2 boxes from Heath and Erin. Don't know what we will do in Peru... wonder if Cream of Wheat has on-line purchasing and free international shipping??? Probably not.

Another INCREDIBLE surprise was the box we received this week. We had no idea it was coming and had no idea what was in it. Imagine our extreme excitement when we opened it up and it was GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!! SCORE!!! Two boxes of Thin Mints, 2 boxes of Samoas (or whatever they are currently called), 2 boxes of Tagalongs, 2 boxes of Lemonades, a box of Trefoils, and a box of Cinna-somethings. WOO HOO!!!! We were nice and took some to school to share... we were the envy of all!!!

We really lead sad little lives nowadays, don't we??? We are completely out of our minds with happiness over Velveeta, Cream of Wheat, and Girl Scout Cookies sent from home... pitiful! Even more sad is the fact that we can't wait to return to Texas and eat all of the foods that we miss - we are specifically making plans around certain restaurants and eating specific foods with our friends. How very American... que triste! You really have no idea how much of your culture is tied up in food until you are removed from it.
Until later... love you! Nos vemos!

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