Sunday, February 24, 2008

Climbing to the Crosses

On a clear day in San Jose, we can see a cross on top of one of the mountains. It is a constant reminder of why we are here and what our focus is every day, and it has been a goal of ours for many months now... to climb to the top of the mountain and sit at the foot of the cross. Last Sunday, our good friend, Antonio, took us on the hike and we finally fulfilled this goal.

We climbed the mountain with several friends... several missionaries from the Institute, Antonio, two visiting friends from the USA, and three of the boys from La Carpio. Even Sarah made the hike (with flying colors - easier than the adults did!).

In actuallity, there are three crosses (how appropriate) at different levels on the mountain. This is no "cake walk" hike!!! The trail is a glorified cattle trail, literally. In some places, the trail was so narrow and deep that my hips and shoulders touched both sides. And in some places, the steps to get over the rocks were so high that I had to have help from Billy or Antonio because I was too short. And it was pretty much straight up - very steep! It was a challenge... not difficult on the heart and lungs, but really tough on the legs (especially the knees).

Definitely worth the trip!!! The views from the top were amazing, the time with friends was treasured, and the reflection / devotional thoughts of the significance of the crosses was heavy in my heart. The cross at the top is over 80 ft. tall and made of steel girders. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!!!

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