Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back to the daily grind...

Okay - first I want to say that I'm sorry I have been a little lax about posting lately. Getting back into the groove of school has been "different". I'll try to bring you up to speed on Life with The Drums...

1. Miles decided that he has had enough of "change" and he needed to get back to something that seemed somewhat normal. Therefore, sadly, we said goodbye to him and allowed him to return to Texas to live with my mom and finish his high school years there. It is a sad thing for us, but it seems to be the best decision for him. He is now settled in at my mom's house, attending school at this old high school, has a car that was loaned to him for the semester... all is going well and he is happier than he has been in months. By the way, he turned 17 on Monday... Happy Birthday, Miles!

2. Billy and I started back to classes on Jan. 9th. Our course load didn't change, but the expectations sure did!!! The workload seems to be double! There was no "easing into class" time this semester... we started right off with serious homework and tests and projects. I have two tests this week, Billy has one test, Billy has to give a bible study in spanish tomorrow over the early church, I have had to write two papers already... all in one week! We come home from school at 1:30 and eat lunch, then we work with Lizbeth on homework or whatever we are desparate for a spanish speaker to help with until 3:00. When Lizbeth leaves, we continue our homework or take care of business issues, etc. Tonight, we have been working on homework and studying pretty much non-stop -- We did stop to go running for awhile to try to get the blood flowing to our brains again! Oh, and we did play a rousing game of CandyLand and Go Fish with Sarah. But other than that, it's been "nose to the grindstone".

3. We started back with the La Carpio ministry last week after a long Christmas break... too long for our tastes! We really missed the kids!!! We were so happy to go back and make connections again. On that note... please pray for one of the kids (Nelson). He has gotten involved with some not-so-great decision makers in the community (ie drug dealers) and he was arrested for stealing last week. So he is a young kid, in jail with grown men, a Nicaraguan... none of this adds up to a pretty picture. He is one of the kids that Steve has been working with for a couple of years and this is a big blow. Please pray for Nelson - for his safety, for his maturity, and for Christ to be with him in jail and work in his life.

So, that's it in a nutshell. We have great teachers and we are really excited about this semester, but we are already under the gun and stressed. (Hint, Hint... we have used exercise DVDs three times this week and we went running together tonight... that translates into "Oh my goodness! These people are totally stressed out and have resorted to exercise to try to relieve the pressure! Dios les ayuda!)

Love to you all! PS... Please also keep our good, good, good friend Amanda in your prayers as she continues to stay on the ground in Nairobi, Kenya and serve God no matter what the cost! We totally stand behind her and support her decision to rise to the occasion and continue to minister to her national friends, even in the midst of chaos and tribal warfare. If God "will not leave us or forsake us", then we will carry the same burden for His people... we will not leave nor forsake the people we have been sent to serve in His name! Go Amanda!!! We are proud of you for persevering and focusing on your call. Please pray for every precious hair on her little red head! We love her!


CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Hey girl! Loved your post! Can't relate to it so well...Mike is excited about La Carpio as well! Praying for your family :-) Erin

Hannah said...

Hey guys I miss you and everyone at school says hi to Mr. Drum!!!
Love You,