Friday, August 10, 2007


We have had a great week. The training has been exceptional here at Mission Training International. We have so many new friends and mission peers who have wonderful stories and great callings to all over the globe. God is doing fantastic things through ordinary people - people who are answering his call and fully committing to sharing Jesus with the world. We are also so very blessed that we chose The Mission Society as our sending agency! They have done an excellent job preparing us to this point and they have so many steps and policies in place for us... we feel so safe and so secure in knowing that they have carefully paved the way for us and laid a groundwork that is second to none!

We had an interesting experience the other night... Laurie's mom came to Colorado to spend some "grandmother time" with the kids this week. She took Sarah to her hotel one night to spend the night, which gave us a much-needed evening alone. However, we found ourselves sitting in complete silence. Here we had the whole evening to do whatever we wanted to without a 3 year old in tow and we had no idea what to do! Maybe it was the calm after the storm... we have been so focused and so busy for the past year, with training and fundraising, travel, jobs, home, etc. We are finally coming down from our rush and busy-ness and we are able to focus totally on the mission. So our big evening alone was spent in silence... awkward at first, but we later settled in to the peace of drinking coffee and reading and enjoying the quiet of the evening and each other.

Peace be with all of you during this week. Please keep our family in your prayers as we continue in training for two more weeks, then leave for language school.

Please look for the August newsletter this week! It will be released within the next day or so.


Mike & Della said...

The Stephenson family (CUMC, College Station) has you in our prayers. Your faithful service to God is so very inspiring. My first thought at your quiet time was God encouraging us to "be still and know that I am God."

Also, we loved the picture of your kids at Mt. Capulin in NM. I (Mike) grew up just down the road from it. We took our kids there in May.

Mike & Della Stephenson

randi said...

I am so pumped that you guys have a blog!! :) I miss you all & love you so much!

ginger said...

I am SO glad that y'all have started this blog! May it serve as a great way to keep us up on what God is doing (through and in you) in Peru!

So much love and many many blessings!